National Yoga Club Championship 2022


1.1. Purpose:

- The 1st National Yoga Club Championship 2022 aims to practically celebrate the success of the 31st Southeast Asian Games (Seagames 31), held in Vietnam, and International Yoga Day on June 21.

- Contributing to promoting the movement "All people train their bodies according to the example of The Great Uncle Ho," inspiring a large number of people to regularly practice and compete in yoga in particular and sports in general.

- To create a useful playground for everyone who loves yoga to participate in, discover, and nurture the talents of yoga.

- Encourage clubs to pay attention to all participants in practicing yoga competitions at local facilities, assessing the organization, training, and training of athletes in yoga clubs nationwide.

- To strengthen understanding, exchange, and solidarity among athletes, coaches, and yoga referees nationwide.

2.1. Requirements:

- Individual organizations participating in the tournament comply with the laws, tournament charters, and regulations of the Organizing Committee.

- Maintain safety, savings, practicability, and efficiency while avoiding waste and negativity during the tournament.


Time: From 09 to 12 June 2022 (updated according to official letter No. 37/TB-LDYVN, 27/04/2022)

Location: Thanh Hoa province.


3.1. Participants:

-Fitness clubs with legal status to practice yoga in Vietnam;

- All athletes who practice yoga are entitled to register to play for any club with the club's permission.

3.2. Eligibility for the tournament:

All participants must have the athlete card issued by the Vietnam Yoga Federation when they have completed the card issuance procedures.

Card issuance procedures

+  Card application form signed by the managing club;

+ Health examination papers with adequate health and sports conclusions;

+ A certified copy of your identification card;

+ Two 4x6 cm photos (white background);

*Note: If an athlete is issued a card but loses it, he or she must pay a new card reissue fee of VND 200,000/card.

-The commitment to participate in each individual athlete's tournament.


Content of the competition:

- Compete for 53 medals.

- According to the contents of the prescribed age group, athletes of any age can compete at that age.


The clubs submit the competition registration and other procedures to the following address:


The Vietnam Yoga Federation Office

No. 36 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

0243 733 7509 (Office); 0389713060 (Ms. Hang); 093 6374566 (Ms. Lan);

Email: [email protected]


The deadline for final registration is May 28, 2022.


- The list of registration must be signed and stamped by the leaders of the clubs and they are responsible for the personnel errors of their clubs.

- The registration form and competition program will be submitted with the charter and updated on the website of the Vietnam Yoga Federation:

- The first exam registration needs to be typed, the organizers do not accept handwriting.

- If any unit submits incomplete registration, late (calculated by postmark) compared to the above term, they will not be able to compete.


See more details about the tournament according to Decision No. 20/TB-LDYVN dated April 19, 2022 here.



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